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A bit of history about AlCourse origin. There has always been a need to teach aluminium electrolysis theory. In Alusuisse, Peter Entner developed ElyseSem for that purpose in the 90's. This is a picture of the 1998 edition. After ElyseSem, Peter developed AlSem that like ElyseSem was an on-site "course". AlCourse is the recent virtual evolution of it. So recent that Peter is still developing AlCourse app that will contain the course notes right now.


Chemical Engineer with more than thirty five years of experience in research and development in the aluminium industry.

I am Marc Dupuis,

Alcourse Instructor


You will learn



Theory of




Practice of Aluminum Smelting






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Alcourse is a Windows 10 program or Android application that you download and install on your PC or Android tablet/smartphone. On your hardware you study the seminar content and examples and furthermore you execute the exercises.

The software consists of the updated and extended seminar chapters and contains as additional features and index and a search facility.

Contents of Alcourse

Theory of Aluminum Smelting

1. Principles of the Hall-Héroult-Process

2. Mass Balance
3. Properties of the Electrolyte
4. Pot Voltage

5. Energy Balance

6. Current Efficiency

7. Thermal Effects

8. Magnetic Effects

Practice of Aluminum Smelting

9. Raw Materials
10. Cathode Lining and Pot Startup
11. Process Control
12. Pot Operation
13. Troubleshooting in Pot Operation
14. Measurements
15. Autopsies
16. Emissions from Aluminum Electrolysis Additional Features
17. How to Use HHCellVolt
18. Examples and Exercises

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Claire Gearon, Head of Training Department at Emirates Global Aluminium

The approach of Vostad was great. The training conducted at our facility was very well organised. We look forward to sending more participants for future courses.


Dr. Morten Sorlie, Corporate Specialist at

I would like to thank Vostad for hosting me and Prof. Harald Oye at Dubai and the Training was organized very professionally and we thoroughly enjoyed working together.


Ian Sutherland, Marketing Director, Encapto Autralia

We are meeting the right audience, we have been delighted to see the presentations and thought leaders at this event. We look for many collaborations with Vostad in the future. 

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Vostad started in 2013 and as the name suggests is an initiative to bring together the experts or ‘Ustaads’ from across various verticals of business.


We cater to the global market needs when it comes to knowledge gaining and sharing. We create trainings which cater to all levels of representatives from the industry.


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